wall drawing

  • Drawings and new comics coming soon!
  • I’ve got four Wes Anderson inspired drawings in the “subtle art of pop culture” show at gallery1988 in LA happening RIGHT NOW - check em out online here: http://nineteeneightyeight.com/collections/the-subtle-art-of-pop-culture?page=7
  • tomorrow i’ll be in charlottesville, va at telegraph gallery participating in an independent comics panel along with a few other wonderful artists (including a few of my comics workbook co-conspirators!)
  • preparing to draw the next mr toast comic! yes yes yes 
  • hoping to get toddbot.com and my etsy shop updated in the coming days as well 
  • this is the last bullet point for the time being
I need to update my Wes Anderson Movie haiku list… 
I got bored one night and wrote these haiku summaries/reviews of Wes Anderson’s output thus far. 
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